Change the way your customers experience loyalty

RewardsWeb is the only platform that provides a comprehensive turnkey solution that transforms loyalty program engagement.

What we Offer

The only platform in the market with browser extension that allows customers to both earn and redeem points.
Your customers will be able to manage their points in a delightful user experience that includes all their loyalty programs in one location.
Gain useful data and insights to better serve your customers


In control

Manage the value of your loyalty currency across user types, merchants, and categories. Customize settings to meet your objectives.



Increase engagement

by 20%+

Manage spend

Establish parameters for loyalty currency redemption down to the merchant level


Offer exclusive promotions right on your customer’s extension.

Customize rewards

Cookie cutter approaches don’t work. Give your customers offers and rewards tailored to them.

*Retention calculation based on over 80,000 deployed branded solutions in the market

Why Us?

  • Fast

    Forget big integration processes. With our patent pending technology platform loyalty programs can enable their members to shop online with their rewards in days (not months).

  • Secure

    We adhere to the highest security standards to protect our partners and their customers' data.

  • Easy

    Our solution can be quickly customized to meet brand requirements and the member shopping experience is as easy as clicking on a checkout button.

We provide solutions to some of the top loyalty programs in the world