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Transform your loyalty program, ignite member engagement

Simplify management, boost engagement, access new revenue streams: Elevate your program with Rewardsweb

Unleash your Program's full potential  

browser extension

Over 160k Extensions

Our extensions have reached a higher number of installs than many of the leading brands

Online Shopping

$10M+ Redeemed

Thousands of satisfied customers customers have used our extensions to redeem their rewards


New Feature!

Customers can now earn loyalty rewards or cashback

Unique Features

Earn Rewards

More Redemption Options

Ditch the gift card! Select from unlimited online redemption options. Add merchants. Manage reward currency values with ease across geographies, tiers, and segments.


Earn Rewards

Users can earn rewards when they shop in their favorite online stores.  Programs can choose to offer program currency, cashback, or both!

Online Shopping

Shopping Site

Programs work with our team to customize their shopping site and offers and enhance the user experience.

Branded White Label

Branded Experience

We work with reward and loyalty programs to create a delightful white-label experience for their users, including shopping sites, web apps, browser extensions, and more.


Browser Extension

Browser extension technology is at the heart of what we do.  Rewardsweb browser extension is among the best performing in the world and is branded to deliver a white-label experience.


Unrivaled Flexibility

Our platform offers customers the ability, based on their tier or status, to manage reward currency redemption value and segmented offers.

Platform Highlights​

​Programs invest heavily in their reward and loyalty platform,  we work alongside existing technology suppliers and managers to enhance customer experience.

  • Unique flexibility: Redeem rewards on your favorite brands, online or in-store.

  • Endless choices: Explore a vast network of partner merchants.

  • Enterprise Grade Secure: Rewardsweb adheres to the highest security standards such as SOC-2 and PCI-DSS

  • Seamless integration: Connect effortlessly with existing technologies and platforms.

  • Data-driven insights: We provide valuable data and analytics to bring you closer to your customers.

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